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For the transportation of cargo on state highways that exceeds the regular legal weight and size limitations, a Minnesota oversize permit is needed. Several Minnesotan counties approved the permit.

The usage of the permit is allowed on US, MN, and Interstate highways; county, township, and municipal roads are not allowed. For roads under its jurisdiction, the permittee is responsible for getting in touch with and getting clearance from each local road authority. The Oversize/Overweight Permits website of MnDOT is the place to submit the Minnesota oversize permits application online. Payment is required prior to the issuing of a permit.


Minnesota Oversize Permit Cost:

Depending on the type of a permit, Minnesota oversize permits Cost might cost different amounts. The following are a few types of permits and the corresponding costs:
• Oversized and overweight single trips cost $15 in addition to a damage assessment fee.
• Oversized Multiple Trip: $36.
• Legal Overweight/Oversize: $36 + the Damage Assessment Fee times the estimated number of transfers.
• $120 is the annual permit fee for moving prefabricated homes and storage facilities.
• $200 is the annual fee for big loads that are not driven on the highway.
There’s also a Damage Assessment Fee, the amount of which can be determined using the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Damage Assessment Fee Calculator.

A transportation permit from the county is also required if you need to transport an oversized load on the Anoka County Road system.






53 feet

8 feet 6 inches

13 feet 6 inches

80,000 pounds

3 feet in the front and 4 feet in the rear.

Minnesota Oversize Permits Requirement:

Permits for vehicles and loads exceeding specific weights and dimensions are needed in Minnesota. The following are minnesota oversize load regulations for permits:
Types of Permits and Fees:
Different permission kinds are available, each with a different charge depending on the load’s weight and size. These consist of annual, multi-trip, and single-trip permits, each with a different cost and set of specifications.

Minnesota Load Dimensions and Weights:

The load dimension requirements for mndot permits online vary depending on the type of permit. However, “Oversize Load” signs are required on the front and rear of the vehicle when the width exceeds 12 feet 6 inches and/or length exceeds 95 feet.

The legal dimensions for mn dot single trip permits are a width of 8 feet 6 inches, height of 13 feet 6 inches, and length of 75 feet. Loads exceeding these dimensions or weights are considered as mn dot Super Loads Permits. Escorts are required for loads over 95 feet long, over 14 feet 6 inches wide, or over 14 feet 3 inches high.

Minnesota maximum overweight permits limit:

Permits for single Axle Weight

20,000 lbs.

Permits for tandem Axles Weight

40,000 lbs.

Permits for Tridem Axles weight

60,000 lbs.

Permits for Quadem Axles weight

72,000 lbs.

Permits for five Axles weight

92,000 lbs.

Permits for six Axles weight

112,000 lbs.

Permits for seven Axles weight

132,000 lbs.

Permits for eight Axles weight

144,000 lbs.

Minnesota maximum overweight permits limit:

Depending on the size of the cargo, there are some travel limits that apply, such as prohibitions on holidays, weekends, and peak hours. For instance, certain permit classes restrict driving on interstate roads, and travel during holidays and rush hours is restricted.

Minnesota Escort Requirements:

The following apply to large cargoes in Minnesota in terms of escort requirements:

• When the vehicle or load is more than 110 feet long, 15 feet broad at the bottom, or 16 feet wide at the top, a licensed rear escort is needed.

 In cases where the vehicle or load is longer than 150 feet, certified front and rear escorts are necessary.

The Minnesota Pilot Car Escort Rules specify the particular criteria for pilot cars and escort vehicles when the load is over 14’6″ broad, 110′ long, or 16′ high.

minnesota oversize Permit Cost and Phone Number is 972-220-9831

You can consult the state's minnesota oversize load regulations on oversize/overweight authorized loads or visit the our unique trucking website of the Minnesota Department of Transportation for more thorough information.