Understanding the rules related to huge loads transportation is necessary when traveling through the beautiful state of Kentucky oversize permits. In order to protect the safety of other drivers as well as the transporters, oversized loads demand extra care.


We’ll go into detail about Kentucky All the information you need about Kentucky Oversize Permits cost and Requirements in this blog, that must be fulfilled for a hassle-free and legal travel.


Kentucky Oversize Single Trip Permits Cost


A Kentucky single-trip oversize permits online costs $60. This is a vehicle-, route-, and load-specific permit with a 10-day validity period. It is not granted over the phone; instead, it can be got via the Kentucky Overweight/Over-Dimensional Portal. Only in the event that the Permits Section issues the permit incorrectly may it be modified. The permits will be taken by law enforcement if it is violated.

Kentucky oversize single trip permits requirements:


  1. load Information:

Carriers must provide complete information about the oversize load, including its weight, measurements, and description. Using this data, authorities can evaluate possible effects on road safety and infrastructure.

  1. Route Planning:

Carriers are required to specify the course they intend to take. Authorities will analyze the recommended path to make sure that it fits the size and weight of the load. It’s important to choose routes that aren’t harmful to traffic or infrastructure.

  1. Duration:

One-way permits are issued for a set amount of time. The carriers are required to provide the scheduled start and finish dates of the trip. It is important to strictly follow the permit’s period in order to prevent legal issues.

  1. Legal Dimensions:

The following legal dimensions are allowed for overweight or oversized vehicles in Kentucky:

  Length: Up to 110 feet on 4-lane roads and up to 75 feet on 2-lane roads.

  Width: up to 16 feet on approved roads, 8 feet on unmarked ones.

 Maximum height: 15 feet 6 inches; particular height limitations apply to vehicle haulers.

 Weight: With some restrictions for different axle configurations, the gross vehicle weight (GVW) is up to 80,000 pounds.

  1. Operating Hours:

 Most oversize/overweight trucks are allowed to drive continuously in Kentucky, even on Saturdays and Sundays, with the exception of super loads and some counties and cities.

  1. Restricted Travel:

There are travel restrictions for specific counties and places, including as the greater Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington areas, as well as specific locations during peak hours.

  1. Vehicle Information:

To get a permit, all relevant details about the transporting vehicle such as its make, model, and license plate number must be given.

  1. Permits Application:

You can only submit one permits application through the Kentucky Overweight single trip permits application Over-Dimensional Portal. Certain permissions, including those for transferring houses, may require specific approval letters.


Order Kentucky Single Trip Oversize Permits:

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