All the information you need about Indiana Oversize Permits


In Indiana Oversize Permits, vehicles and loads exceeding to the standard legal limitations for weight, width, height, or length require an oversize permit. Typically, the state’s regulatory and organizations that issue permissions for oversize permits are the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR). To ensure the safe and authorized transportation of large or heavy loads on Indiana roads, an oversize permit is required.


Indiana oversize permits cost:

Depending on the type of permit and the weight of the load, Indiana oversize permit costs vary. Based on the information provided, these are the permit costs:

An annually oversize only permit costs $405, and a 90-day permit costs $100.

The cost for overweight permits is $20 base fee plus $0.35 per mile for loads up to 108,000 pounds, and $20 base fee plus $0.60 per mile for loads exceeding 108,000 pounds.

A $10 executive cost is applied to vehicles weighing more than 120,000 pounds, and a $25 design and review fee and a $10 bridge feet fee are also applied to vehicles weighing more than 200,000 pounds.


Indiana oversize permits cost detailed Information:

Type of Vehicle

/ Permits

Single trip permits fee (cost)

Quarterly permits fee (cost)

Annual permits fee (cost)

Oversize only, up to 95’ long,

12’4” wide, and/or 13’6” tall




Oversize only, 95’ – 110’ long,

12’4” – 16’ wide, and/or 15’





Oversize only, more than 110’

long, 16’ wide, and/or 15’ tall




Tractor-mobile home rig, up

to 12’4” wide




Tractor-mobile home rig,

12’5” – 14’4’ wide






Indiana oversize permits Requirements:

Indiana oversize permits requirements are as follows:

1.Permits Validity:

Oversize permits in Indiana are valid for 15 days. For oversize loads that are larger than what is allowed but still fall within specific bounds, a 90-day or annual permit may be gained.

2. Operating Hours:

During specific hours, authorized vehicles with dimensions of up to 110 feet in length, 10 feet in width, and 15 feet in height may be driven. Loads up to 12 feet broad may run on weekends, excluding specific holidays.

3. Legal Weights and Dimensions:

In Indiana, the following weights and dimensions apply to oversized loads: Measurements: Width: 8’6″, Height: 13’6″, Weight: 80,000 Gross. Length: 110′, Width: 16′, Height: 15′ are the standard permission limits.

4. Signs, Flags, and Lights:

All authorized vehicles and loads must have “Oversize Load” signs and flags. For all large load vehicles, low-beam headlights must be on load.

5. Restricted Travel:

Oversized loads are restricted by special travel limitations, while overweight-only loads are always allowed to travel.

6. Application Process:

In Indiana oversize single trip permits application; an online permitting system is used to get permits. Applicants may be required to submit information about their vehicle, including its weight, size, intended route, and purpose of travel.

7. Requirements Regarding Insurance:

Generally, applicants must have liability insurance, and the insurance documentation may need to be provided at the time of the permission application.

8. Signage and Lighting:

In order to ensure visibility, especially during nighttime transportation, oversized loads must usually be properly marked with flags, signs, and lighting.

9. Bond or Surety:

Posting a bond or surety may be required in some states in order to submit an application for a permit.

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In Indiana, an oversize permit costs about $800. Other types of permits are also offered; these include the $250 90-day permit and the $1,000 annual permit. Depending on the type of permit and how long it is valid for, the exact amount may change.

The fine for an overweight ticket in Indiana varies according on the excess weight. The following are the fines:

– $500 for a violation in situations when the overall excess weight is between 1,000 and 5,000 pounds.

$1,000 is the fine for violating this rule in cases where the overall excess weight is between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds.

$5,000 for a violation when there is at least 10,000 pounds of excess weight overall.

Further charges could come from the application of court costs and other fees, as well as the possibility of license and vehicle registration suspensions.

Vehicles that are longer, wider, or larger than specified are subject to oversize load regulations in Indiana. Vehicles up to 110 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 13 feet 6 inches high, as well as loads smaller than 12 feet broad, must have an oversize permit, which is valid for fifteen days. A semi-trailer and load (including overhang) may legally measure 53 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches wide, and 13 feet 6 inches high.

Some key points about oversize load restrictions in Indiana include:

– Permits for larger vehicles are valid for 15 days.

– Weekend operations are permitted for loads up to 12 feet broad, excluding specific holidays.

– The amount of toll is determined by the mileage and axle count.

The same escort rules apply to this Indiana split highway as they do to others.

– “Oversize Load” indicators must be present on all authorized loads and vehicles.

– On large movements, flags (18 inches square) must be used; one must be placed at each corner and one at the broadest point of each side.

– For all heavy loads, vehicles must operate with their low beam headlights on.

Only loads that are overweight are able to travel around the clock.

– in holidays, traveling not allowed.

Contact the Indiana Department of Transportation at 630-800-3474 for additional information about Indiana’s regulations regarding oversize loads and permits.

Any trailer that weighs more than 3,000 pounds in Indiana needs to be registered. When using a truck-tractor-semitrailer-trailer combination, a semi-trailer or trailer can only be up to 28 feet, 6 inches long.

The maximum length of the separable load-carrying unit is 34 feet, and the maximum length of a maxi-cube vehicle combination is 65 feet. The maximum width for a trailer is 102 inches (8’6″), and drivers whose trailers are wider than this are required to obtain a wide-load permit.

The maximum weight permitted for a tandem axle in Indiana is specified by the tandem statute. The maximum tandem axle weight allowed by the Indiana Size and Weight Laws is 34,000 pounds.

Two or more axles spaced more than 40 inches and less than 96 inches apart are referred to as a tandem axle group. In order to guarantee that automobiles operating in Indiana adhere to the weight restrictions set by the state, this law is important.