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Call 972) 220-9831 for DOT Georgia Oversize Permit Phone Number for Cost and Order Online Georgia Regulations for Single Trip Permits, Super load Permits, Annual Permits, Overhang Permits and Overweight Permits for your Heavy Haul Trucks information including legal dimensions, routine permit limits, and escort requirements, operating times and restricted travel at Note Trucking.

Like many other states, Georgia requires oversize licenses for vehicles transporting loads that are heavier, wider, larger, or longer than the legally allowed limitations. Georgia oversize permits are normally provided for a single trip and are good for a specific period of time. The goal of the permit procedure is to minimize possible effects on public safety and infrastructure while ensuring the safe and effective transportation of large loads.


Get Oversized Single Trip Permits for Georgia Online:

Carriers may visit the Unique Trucking website for Georgia Oversize Permits online or call Georgia Oversize Permits DOT Phone number at 630-800-3474 for further information and to apply for oversize/overweight licenses in Georgia.


Georgia Oversize Permits Cost:

The weight and desired route of the load, as well as its dimensions, determine the cost of a single trip oversize permit in Georgia. Permit fees are charged in order to cover the expense related to handling and processing large loads. Carriers need to be ready to pay these costs prior to receiving approval.


Georgia oversize permits cost is $125 for super loads weighing between 150,001 and 180,000 pounds and $30 for regular loads up to 150,000 pounds for a single journey. Monday through Friday during the day is when travel is allowed, and a single trip permit is valid for 10 travel days. On Sundays, there is no movement permitted and no travel permitted on weekends or holidays.


Georgia Oversize Permit Cost




Standard Single Trip Oversize Permits


150,000 lbs.

Single Trip Super Load Permits



150,001 to 180,000 lbs.

Single Permits Super Load Plus


Weight more than 180,000 lbs.

Single mega load Permits


Weight more than 300,000 lbs.

Annual Oversize Trip Permits


100,000 lbs

NHS Annual Georgia Permits


100,000 lbs


Georgia Oversize Permits requirements:


Georgia Oversize Permits have the following requirements:


Georgia Oversize Permits are valid for ten days.

Operating Time:

Loads can be transported from one-half hour after sunrise to one-half hour before sunset, seven days a week.

Restricted Travel:

No movement is allowed on Sundays, and in Atlanta, in the area bounded by and including I-285, no permit movement is allowed between 7:00 am – 9:00 am and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. No travel is allowed on major holidays.

Legal Dimensions:

  – Length: Up to 75′ (including overhang) with a 48′ to 53′ trailer, and 60′ overall on some non-designated routes.

  – Width: Up to 8′ 6″ (8′ on some non-designated routes).

  – Height: Up to 13′ 6″.

Weight Limits:

                Gross Weights


Weight Limits


Up to 100,000 lbs.


125,000 lbs. and up


Up to 148,000 lbs.


150,000 lbs. and above


Maximum Axle Weights:

Maximum Axle Weights


23,000 lbs.


46,000 lbs.


60,000 lbs.


92,000 lbs.

Five Axle

100,000 lbs.

      Six Axle

125,000 lbs.

Seven Axle

148,000 lbs.

Eight Axle

150,000 lbs.



Maximum Load Dimensions with permits in Georgia

Georgia Maximum Load Dimension

Georgia Permit Max Length

120 feet

Georgia Permit Max Width

15 feet 6 inches

Georgia Permit Max Height

14 feet

Georgia Permit Max Overhang

Not Specific

Escort Requirements:

Heavy-haul or oversize loads that exceed specific legal dimensions in Georgia require oversize permits. Depending on the load’s dimensions, Georgia oversize permit escort requirements vary. The escort specifications for various load dimensions are as follows:

– Up to 14 feet and 8 inches wide loads necessitate the use of a front and a rear escort.

– A rear escort is necessary for cargo wider than 14 or 16 feet.

– The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) will make a case-by-case analysis for loads with a width of 16 feet or greater.

Furthermore, all allowed loads must have “Oversize Load” signs, and red flags approximately 18 inches square must be placed on the load’s four corners and all of its corners. The signs must be at least 6 feet wide by one foot tall, with black letters at least eight inches high and four inches broad set against a backdrop of either orange or yellow.

GEORGIA Oversize Permits oversize Permit Cost and Phone Number is 972-220-9831

You can consult the state's GEORGIA Oversize Permits oversize load regulations on oversize/overweight authorized loads or visit the our unique trucking website of the GEORGIA Oversize Permits Department of Transportation for more thorough information.